juin 29, 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY : taken by my boyfriend on the 27th of June 2016.

Hello Guys !

Today I wanted to talk about something that is becoming more and more commun these days, yes you guessed it : brows ! I don’t know about you but today, I feel like a lot more people are drawing their brows than a few years ago. Something tells me that Benefit is not for nothing in this story.

Little background Story: 

I didn’t use to do my brows until 2 years ago and let me tell you : it was a REVOLUTION !

This two last years I’ve only been using the shadow faint on the naked basic palette and it was okay, really.

The Products:

But recently I discovered the NYX products ! Let me tell you about it a little bit more:

  • the first one is a tinted brow mascara (espresso) -6,90 euros- : here. When I don’t have that much time on the morning I just like to use this mascara, it’s so easy and the result is very impressive ! The brows look done just with this product !
  • the second and last product that I use and love at the same time is sculpt & highlight brow contour (espresso as well for the color that I use) -9,90 euros- : here. This product is just incredible ! Simple to use, precise, perfect color and the highlight really defines the contour of the brows ! 

Conclusion : 

If you don’t currently use any products for your brows I would recommend you to give a try to those 2 NYX products ! The result is amazing and they are not expensive at all !

Hope you’ve enjoy this blog post.

With Love,


NOTE : this is not a sponsored article.



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