mai 26, 2016

Hello guys !

New story today about watercolors, my new hobby.

So what is watercolors : it’s a type of painting where you use water with our colors to have this specific kind of blurry effect.

You can paint so many things with watercolors like for exemple me some quotes or even the landscape, people..creativity is endless !

What supplies do I use :

-a water brush from Cultura but you can find many on Amazon or Ebay…Here(6euros) is mine if you are interested.

watercolors papers, mine(9euros) is as well from Cultura but really you can find some pretty much in every art shop.

-now about my palettes. I have two of them, one is from Tiger (4euros) but only in stores I’m afraid and the other one (18euros), no surprise from Cultura.

Why do I like watercolors ?

I just love the effect of it, the blurriness. I like the fact that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be pretty. And I specially like the black lettering on a bunch of colors, don’t ask me why I just happen to love it!

–> If you are interesting in giving it a try I recommend watching some videos about it (on youtube for exemple), I did so and it really help me at the beginning.

I really hope you like this little story about creativity,

With love,




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